Bulle d'Air : the new active and benevolent listening service

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Bulle d'air : écoute active
The Doctoral College is mobilizing and launching a new support system based on active, neutral and benevolent listening, "Bulle d'Air". The objective is to promote the daily well-being necessary to develop optimal conditions for success. Sessions are available on 2 half-days per week at the Maison du doctorat.
With "Bulle d'Air", the Doctoral College intends to place PhD Students in optimal conditions for success, to accompany them on the path of well-being, self-confidence, attention to others and to oneself, basically to take care of one's physical, mental and emotional health.

A support system that has proven itself

Bulle d'Air, implemented since 2018 at the Department of Bachelor of Science and Technology (DLST) level, has proven its worth and is therefore being extended to the doctoral level. It is Dominique Schneider, professor of microbiology and microbial evolution at Grenoble Alpes University and master practitioner in coaching and active listening, who offers neutral, caring and totally confidential sessions to students who express the need. The name of this program, Bulle d'Air, was given by the students who benefited from the first listening sessions. The principle of the sessions is simple: each student/PhD Student who wishes to do so is welcomed and talks about what is important to him/her. Today, Bulle d'Air welcomes students from all levels of university.

The issues addressed are generally related to personal and professional problems, loss of meaning, lack of confidence and self-esteem. Career guidance issues are addressed by another personalized support system within the Training & Career Department.

Bulle d'Air is effective since November 2021 (refer to the Affluence schedule below to make an appointment).

Book a "Bulle d'air" appointment

The sessions take place in person at the Maison du doctorat in meeting room 015 [on the ground floor] by appointment via "Affluences" or, if necessary, by videoconference. In this case, you must contact Dominique Schneider directly via the email below after having booked the session on "Affluences".
Sessions last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours (30 minute slots are not recommended).

Click on "Réserver", then "Rendez-vous", you can book a "Bulle d'air" appointment

Contact Dominique Schneider confidentially (sole recipient): ced-bulledair@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr

The different periods of lockdown have shown us the importance of setting up diversified and benevolent devices to already hear and then answer the new questions associated with stress-related tensions.
Published on  October 25, 2021
Updated on  July 20, 2022