PhD Welcome Day 2022 - Great Enigma Game

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On  December 15, 2022Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire
PhD Welcome Day 2022
On December 15, 2022, the College and Doctoral Schools are organizing a welcome day (bilingual event) for all first-time PhD students: Start of the year in your Doctoral School, discover all the services of the Doctoral College and, more broadly, the University and its partners through a great game in the form of a journey to the heart of the doctorate at the UGA.

Who's it for?

All first-year PhD students enrolled in 2022 to start their thesis.


To get your doctoral program off to a good start and to understand your university environment, come and discover all the actions and services offered by the College, the Doctoral Schools, the University (training, culture, promotion and career, health...) and its partners.


At the Maison du doctorat Jean Kuntzmann at 110 rue de la Chimie 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères


December 15, 2022 on a half day depending on your Doctoral School
Schedules Doctoral Schools
from 8:30am to 1pm (welcome at 8:00am to form the groups) PHYS, SJ, EEATS, SHPT
from 10:15 am to 1:30pm (welcome at 9:45 am to form the groups) LLSH
from 11:15 am to  3:30pm (accueil, repas et constitution des groupes entre 11h15 et 12h) CSV
from 13:45am to 5:15pm (welcome at 12:30am to form the groups and to eat) STEP, SE, MSTII, ISCE, PHILO

The I-MEP² and SG Doctoral Schools organize their re-entry at another time.
However, we are looking forward to seeing you in the enigma game to meet the different departments!


We have brought together for you in the same place, on the same day, all the services available to you within the College and the Doctoral Schools, the University and its partners in a universe which is that of the doctoral journey at the UGA.
During this day, you will be welcomed by your Doctoral School. You will navigate between different poles (regrouping the numerous university structures) which will guide you during your course. Registration/diplomation, BU, training, career development, but also practical life, sports, culture, social support, health, international, will no longer have any secrets for you. This day will give you the keys to make the most of your PhD and our campuses.
You are above all researchers and in order to make this day unforgettable, we have asked Prizoners, a company specialized in escape games, to offer you a game of fun enigmas all along your journey.
How will the trip be expressed? We don't tell you everything, but the PhD is international, we have a sense of welcome, we promise you to meet people, to have your eyes, ears and even taste buds filled, to leave with gifts and souvenirs.

Depending on your arrival time and therefore on your affiliation to your Doctoral School (see above), you will alternately and in a variable order:
  • follow the start of the academic year in your doctoral school;
  • solve the enigma with the tour in the services poles and at the library
  • eat in one of the two foodtrucks at your disposal (free meal).

Great enigma game on December 15, 2022 in the form of a journey to the heart of the PhD at UGA

« When you wake up, a strange feeling of lightness comes over you. You have just entered a ChronoDoc, without even having been prepared for it.
A strange and still little explained phenomenon, where PhD students see their time passing at a different speed from their environment.
You soon realize that you will have to put an end to this state or let your consciousness drift forever in this temporal anomaly.
A hunch tells you that the solution lies in the "Maison du doctorat", which you must visit.
On the spot, you join forces with other PhD students' consciousnesses in a similar state to elucidate this enigma.
But suddenly, the ChronoDoc is disrupted and your consciousnesses are projected into various places in the "Maison du doctorat".
What mystery lies behind each place? This strange journey, seems to give you the keys of exit of this trip.
Go to the end of this unique day, collect all the information to find the secret of returning to your state of consciousness and take back your PhD, armed with the precious answers discovered during this journey!» 


Registration is mandatory
>>Day reserved for PhD Students registered in the first year of their thesis in 2022<< 
Published on  November 8, 2022
Updated on  October 18, 2023