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A priority project of the single Doctoral School since it was first set up, Université Grenoble Alpes doctoral training labels are educational programmes open to all doctoral students regardless of their areas of specialisation. They were implemented in order to facilitate integration into the job market for doctoral graduates, enabling them to pursue a career after their PhD in the sector of their choice.

5 Labels for 5 types of careers

It all started from a very simple observation: in France, 70% of doctoral students wish to enter the sector of public research. However, only half of doctoral graduates actually work in this sector three years after passing a doctorate, and one third of doctoral graduates are not involved in research at all (statistics from Céreq).
To help doctoral students build their professional career and provide them with a better mastery of all the sectors open to them, the Doctoral School has created 5 labels targeting 5 specific sectors of activity:
Doctoral students have a 3-year period to complete one of these programmes. They benefit from personalised tutoring, specific training, field experiments and validation of acquired skills.
Labels are non-compulsory educational programmes. They are not mentioned on the Doctoral diploma issued by Université Grenoble Alpes.

DFI, or Doctoral Department for Training, Initiation and Professional Insertion

DFI is responsible for:

  • organising the recruitment for the core curriculum and the 5 labels,
  • managing all the educational programmes,
  • managing the doctoral students enroled in the different labels (validating programmes, experiments, etc.).

Preparing a Doctorate at Université Grenoble Alpes

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