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Professionnal Insertion

Professional insertion is one of the main concerns of Université Grenoble Alpes Doctoral College. To assist its doctoral students in developing their professional project, the Doctoral College has organised training and support systems adapted to every student’s needs and aspirations.

A comprehensive doctoral training

Consolidation of knowledge, development of new skills (communication, management, marketing, etc.), opening up to other subjects, technology transfer, business creation, building awareness of entrepreneurship, language classes, professional insertion seminars, etc., doctoral students can choose among a large training selection during their doctorate.
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Five targeted training labels

Besides, in order to help doctoral students build their professional career and provide them with a better mastery of all the sectors open to them, the Doctoral College has created 5 training programmes ("label" training programmes) targeting 5 specific sectors of activity: Research, industry and engineering; Starting a business; Research and higher education; Consultancy and expertise; Public institutions and international organisations. When enroling in one of these programmes, doctoral students benefit during 3 years from personalised tutoring, specific training, field experiments and validation of acquired skills.

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Follow-up of doctors' professional insertion

To follow up its doctors' professional insertion, the Université Grenoble Alpes Doctoral College has set up an Employment Observatory assigned with conducting surveys among doctoral graduates and analysing collected data on their career developments and professional situations.

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