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Survey "Living and Study Conditions in lockdown" academic year 2020-2021

News, Administration life, Social action

The direction of student life (DVE) in conjunction with the directions of Training, Territorial and International Development, ADUDA, components and schools has developed a questionnaire in order to best assess the difficulties encountered by students and PhD Students and also to prevent the health, precariousness and psychosocial risks inherent to this situation.

Access to the survey:

The data collected will be processed by the Student Life Observatory and the Collège doctoral, the university services and the CROUS in order to respond to emergency situations potentially identified according to the thematic fields inherent to their responsibilities.

The systems implemented in the student life section are regularly updated on the website of the Doctoral College and :
Updated on December 4, 2020


The College and the doctoral schools (except Philo) moved on September 1st, 2020 to join the Maison Jean Kuntzmann at 110 rue de la Chimie 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères on the University Campus (Tram B and C, stops "Bibliothèques universitaires").

Coronavirus COVID-19 : Informations for PhD Students

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