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Victor VIEILLE, winner of the 2020 Innovation Thesis Award

Victor VIEILLE is the winner of the 2020 innovation thesis prize for his thesis presented in 2019 and entitled "Exploration of remote magnetic actuation of small objects: application to lab-on-chip". The innovation thesis prize is awarded to a thesis of exceptional quality both in terms of its results and the valorisation and transfer approach carried out by the candidate. This prize has been in existence since 2018, with this year's jury opening up to companies and territories.
Winner of the 2020 Innovation Thesis Award: Victor VIEILLE

Victor VIELLE, lauréat du prix de thèse innovation 2020Thesis title: Exploration of remote magnetic actuation of small objects: application to lab-on-chip

Doctoral school: ED EEATS - Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Automation, Signal Processing

Host laboratory: Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory (G2Elab - CNRS / UGA / Grenoble INP-UGA)

Thesis supervisors: Orphée CUGAT and Thibaut DEVILLERS

Key words: magnetic actuation, remote actuation, micro-magnet, rotating magnetic field, lab-on-chip, micro-robot

The thesis explores a multitude of magnetic actuation modes, both remote and real-time, for various applications in the field of lab-on-a-chip. It is a multidisciplinary work calling upon various skills in the fields of design and modeling of magnetic systems and microsystems, instrumentation, and small-scale manufacturing - in particular of micro-magnets. Four solutions have been identified, two of which have been patented. One solution is already being used by the company MagIA Diagnostics (technology used and industrialized in their portable diagnostic test). The second is at the heart of a project that won the Out of Labs competition in September 2019, which is now in the development phase at SATT Linksium.

This thesis explores the remote magnetic actuation of micro objects via an external magnetic field, in order to create new tools for the emerging field of Lab-on-Chips. Our first strategy is to use micro-magnets that generate high local gradients, which are modulated by superimposing the external field. Nanoparticles can thus be moved-concentrated-suspended in a solution for immunological tests ; alternately, entire solid surfaces can be moved, to create disposable contactless 2D linear motors. A second strategy is to design precisely the magnetization of the controlled object, to exert local torques and deform it. Applied to an elastic membrane, a wave movement is obtained, exploited in a micro-pump. To apply this to any 3D micrometric object, a state of the art manufacturing technique was developed and demonstrated its value on an optical microlens and a micro-gripper.

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Updated on June 4, 2020


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