Project and Professional Career

The PhD student builds his or her professional project throughout the preparation of his or her PhD. Numerous training programs are offered to him/her to enrich, develop and enhance his/her skills.  
To help them in this process, the Doctoral College of the Université Grenoble Alpes has set itself the goal of also providing them with a better knowledge and mastery of the sectors that are opening up to them. To achieve this, it has created four specific training programs (labels) targeting four well-identified employment sectors: 
The preparation of the PhD is thus a real experience in the professional and personal project of the PhD student.
Aware of his skills and the added value of this experience, the young doctor will then be able to approach the job market, to integrate into it and to lead a career that corresponds to his ambitions and aptitudes. The career prospects that open up to him are numerous in the international socio-economic environment.

PhD Student Missions

In order to prepare his or her professional integration or career pursuit, the PhD student may carry out complementary activities which may be PhD student missions for expertise, valorization, scientific mediation or teaching.

And after the thesis?

Do you have questions about your professional project and your career pursuit? The entire team of the PhD Career Center welcomes you from Monday to Friday to help you answer them.

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Published on  January 22, 2021
Updated onApril 6, 2021