Vocational Track (Programs)

The Doctoral College organizes programs that target various specific employment sectors and enable PhD students to develop skills that are useful for their career plans.

Our Vocational Tracks enable PhD students to discover and experience access to specific business sectors and professions.                                                                                                                                               
They specifically target three well-defined employment sectors:

They are run by the Doctoral College's Education Department, which is in charge of:
  • organizing recruitment in the 3 vocational tracks;
  • managing PhD students enrolled in the vocational track (validation of programs, experiences etc.);
  • managing all the cross-disciplinary and career development programs.
PhD students wishing to pursue a vocational track submit an application, which is examined by a committee. Once the application has been accepted, they follow specific programs for one or two years (relating to the track). The curriculum and experiences are different for each track. Acceptance onto a vocational track entitles the applicant to 80 hours of instruction.

This recruitment procedure is common to all the vocational tracks. PhD students can apply for the track of their choice. If they are accepted, they commit to following the curriculum and to carrying out the required tasks (e.g. to find and carry out complementary missions as part of the Research, Enterprise and Innovation track).

Applications for the tracks are made via the l'PhD students' personal space (Procedures section).
A resume (including academic results) and a cover letter must be included in the application. Some of these tracks can be carried out successively throughout the thesis (e.g.: Public Authorities and International Organizations followed by Research, Enterprise & Innovation or Research and Higher Education).


  • Applications open: Thursday, August 26, 2021
  • Applications close: Monday, September 27, 2021
Updated on  July 16, 2021