Culture and Heritage

Student associations, cultural spaces, works of art, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, shows throughout the year ... offer students and PhD students multiple opportunities for openness and cultural richness. The Université Grenoble Alpes site, through all of its proposals, is an integral part of the cultural life of the region.

Cultural Programming

Destination culture
Eclectic programming on the website "Destination Culture".

Cultural Facilities

Lieu de culture : Amphidice
The Université Grenoble Alpes abounds in facilities for life and culture on the "iCampus" website..

The university's artistic heritage

Campus des arts

Discover the works of art on our campuses on the "Campus des Arts" website.

The university scientific heritage

Patrimoine scientifique
So many treasures and stories hidden in our laboratories and brought to light here on the "Destination culture" website.


Published on  January 28, 2021
Updated on March 24, 2021