The PhD at Université Grenoble Alpes

Préparer le doctorat
The PhD is a real professional experience, allowing one to open up to other practices such as management and communication. It gives access to careers in public or private research, but also in all sectors that require a spirit of analysis and synthesis, rigor, autonomy, creativity, perseverance and the implementation of complex issues.
The preparation of a PhD is a demanding work that involves different actors and engages the PhD student in high-level scientific research.

The PhD Stakeholders

To better understand the direct environment of the PhD student during his thesis and all the participants: supervisors, laboratories, Doctoral Schools, Doctoral College...

Doctoral dissertation organisation

In France, the PhD is a research training leading to the highest university degree. It is prepared in three years, or more depending on the discipline, after obtaining the national master's degree or an equivalent diploma.

PhD Status

Every PhD student at the Université Grenoble Alpes is a student and, as such, carries out the admission and administrative registration procedures. The nature of thesis funding also gives the PhD student another status that is important to know because it can allow him or her to access certain services but can also oblige him or her to meet certain obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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PhD Forum 2023

How, where and why do a PhD? An information and discussion event on doctoral studies
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What is a PhD? Why do a PhD? How can I study for a PhD in France and at UGA in particular? How do I find a topic and funding for my PhD? Who are the main actors in the doctoral programme (supervisors, laboratory, Doctoral School and College, etc.)? How can I study for a co-supervised PhD with a foreign university? What career options are available after your thesis? How are PhD students, particularly non-Grenoble and international PhD student, welcomed?

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