Study programs during a PhD

Study programs for PhD students are complementary to research work. They involve a minimum of 120 hours throughout the thesis (with no upper limit), are compulsory and consist of the following:

One third of the programs are related to the thesis field, i.e. approximately 40 hours.
The programs are managed by the doctoral schools and chosen by the PhD student and his/her thesis supervisor. The doctoral schools offer a set of scientific study programs to PhD students each year. Other programs may be offered by the thesis partners to meet the individual needs of PhD students.

Two thirds of the programs are unrelated to the thesis field, i.e. approximately 80 hours

  • 1/3 of cross-disciplinary programs (40 hours)
  • 1/3 of programs related to professional integration (40 hours)
Since the publication in May 2016 of the decree on PhD study programs, all PhD students must attend programs in research ethics and scientific integrity. The Doctoral College offers study programs in this field, both face-to-face and in the form of MOOCs.
All PhD students are required to attend at least one of the programs offered by the Doctoral College's Training Department (no minimum number of hours required) or, failing that, an external program approved by the Training Department.

Programs are offered by the Université Grenoble Alpes Doctoral College and its Training Department. PhD students can also follow external programs if they have been approved by their doctoral school.

Published on  February 16, 2022
Updated on February 17, 2022