Maison du doctorat Jean Kuntzmann (PhD House)

Maison du doctorat Jean Kuntzmann
The Jean Kuntzmann PhD House hosts the College and doctoral schools

The PhD House, all my services from enrolment to graduation

The PhD House is a place for cross-disciplinary encounters, meetings, exchanges and work that brings together the entire range of services offered by the Doctoral College.

The PhD House brings together in the same building the Collège, the Doctoral Schools and all the associated administrative services and provides its PhD students and supervisors with facilities for organizing events, videoconferences and thesis defenses. Finally, a space intended for PhD students provides access to work and conviviality areas.
The PhD House, designed in collaboration with elected PhD student representatives, is a flagship site for doctoral life at the heart of the University, a space for cross-fertilization and exchange between disciplines, a showcase for the site's scientific dynamism, and a vehicle for the feeling of belonging to the Université Grenoble Alpes for all users (PhD students, supervisors, staff, alumni). 
The PhD House obrings together the following spaces and services:
  • Services and centers dedicated to the welcoming of PhD students, HDR and supervisors: schooling, doctoral training, international center;
  • The administrative services of the Doctoral Schools;
  • The career center and partnership relations with the socio-economic world and graduates (PhD Alumni Network);
  • A reception area for PhD students (collective and individual work spaces, a convivial and meeting space) - see below;
  • A space that can be mobilized for events, conferences, meetings, round tables organized in connection with the socio-economic world and international partners;
  • Rooms for training (doctoral students, supervisors);
  • Meeting rooms for the thesis monitoring bodies and committees equipped with videoconferencing solutions;
  • An amphitheater of 90 seats allowing the organization of thesis defenses and scientific conferences.

The PhD Student Area, a Place of Work, Conviviality, a Place of Doctoral Life

A new area has been designed to accommodate PhD students on a full or half-day basis, which is conducive to working on collective projects, particularly in connection with associations. It includes :
  • a workspace with individual offices | book an office ;
  • a coworking type workspace, modular and whose furniture can be arranged in different configurations, or even removed to accommodate small events;
  • a meeting room;
  • a documentation space related to the development of the professional project;
  • conviviality areas.
« I have an appointment with an administrative department, my doctoral school officer or my thesis supervisor; I take the opportunity to work for a few hours, meet other PhD students, talk about my professional career or the possibilities of international mobility and training. »
Espace doctorants de la Maison du Doctorat Jean Kuntzmann
Workspaces for PhD Students
Come and discover these new areas!
Published on  January 20, 2021
Updated on August 31, 2023