Doctoral School of Philosophy (ED PHILO)

Ecole doctorale de Philosophie


This school is co-accredited with Lyon University. 

Delegated Leadership: Thierry Ménissier
Manager : Valérie PERRET


3 thematic areas of research:

Area of research 1. “Practices: values, norms, and institutions”
This axis promotes an applied view of philosophy. Its broad topic is human actions as they form the ethical, political and legal reality of the contemporary world. It explores the axiological, normative and social aspects of this reality in the perspectives of philosophical ethics, moral philosophy, political philosophy and philosophy of law.

Area of research 2. “Mind and cognition”
The overall topic of this axis is the nature of the mind (or) of cognitive life, with special interest in the issues of memory, intentionality and linguistic capacities. Two main contemporary theoretical frameworks provide the setting for the works arried out in area 2: the naturalistic approach to philosophy considered as belonging to cognitive science and the approach inspired by the philosophy of ordinary language.

Area of research 3. “History of philosophy”
This is a cross-cutting axis because even the more up-to-date philosophical debates and conceptions are grounded on the history of philosophy. It is in addition a research axis of its own since some members of the research group devote the wider part of their activities to this area. The periods of special interest are: Ancient philosophy (Plato, Plotinus), modern philosophy (Spinoza, Hume) and contemporary philosophy (Kant, Hegel, German and French phenomenology, analytic philosophy).

1 partner Research Lab

Institut de Philosophie de Grenoble
Published on  February 2, 2021
Updated on  March 15, 2024