Doctoral School Engineering - Materials, Mechanical, Environment, Energetics, Processes, Production (ED I-MEP²)

Ecole doctorale I-MEP2


Director: Christophe MARTIN  Tel.:

Manager: Philippe DANET


3 specialities:

  • Materials, mechanical, civil engineering, electrochemistry (2MGE): Daniel BELLET, Christophe MARTIN, Sabine ROLLAND DU ROSCOAT and Laetitia DUBAU
  • Industrial engineering: conception and production (GI): Frédéric NOEL
  • Fluids mechanics, energetics, processes (MEP): Hugues BODIGUEL

Partner Research Labs

3SR | G-SCOP | LEGI | LEPMI | LGP2 | LMGP | LPSC | LRP | SIMaP | CEA (Centre de Grenoble, LITEN, LETI, INES, Centre de Cadarache) | Institut Néel | SyMMES | LiPhy | IGE | INRAE | TIMC

Career in...

Higher education and research, corporate research and development.
Published on  February 2, 2021
Updated on  September 8, 2023