2021 European School on Magnetism

Summer school Education, Research
September 6, 2021 - September 17, 2021
European School of Magnetism - 2021
The topic covered in 2021 is "From fundamental properties of matter to magnetic materials and applications". The School was an opportunity for young scientists and lecturers from various fields to meet, share their expertise and build a network.
Like previous editions of ESM, the 2021 School aims at providing a thorough understanding of magnetism based on a broad series of fundamental lectures, while offering the latest insights into up-to-date aspects of magnetism with lectures focusing on a special topic.

The School is addressed at young scientists, mainly PhD students and post-docs, both experimentalists and theoreticians. It consist of an eleven-day training of lectures and practicals provided by prominent scientists active in today's research, interactive question sessions, access to a library of magnetism-related books, and industrial contributions. 
This year, the School has gathered 160 PhD Students from 28 countries and 5 continents and 30 professors from many countries (Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Japan...) and was orgonized by UGA and 2 Romanian universities UBB and UTCN.

The Next School session (ESM2022) will be held 19-30 Sep 2022, Saarbrücken, Germany.

Published on  September 23, 2021
Updated on  September 23, 2021