MC2 - Registration for February/March season shows

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The Doctoral College, concerned with offering a rich cultural program to its PhD students, is committed to an ever-increasing collaboration with the MC2 in order to offer you a range of shows and visits that are reserved for you.
As mentioned during the presentation of the MC2 season at the Maison du doctorat in mid-December, we are pleased to announce the opening of pre-booking for 5 shows in February/March (limited number of free seats).

Shows reserved for UGA PhD students

Please note that if the show takes place over several days, the dates announced below allow you to have seats offered by the Doctoral College
Offer between February and March (available now)
  • Fantaisies populaires - Sunday concert: Cello Noémi Boutin (associate artist)/piano Jeanne Blause -  5/02/23, 11h am - Auditorium, Possibility to book a brunch after the concert
  • Imaginaires de Tim Burton - Sunday concert: String quartet: Orchestra of the "Pays de Savoie" -  5/02/23, 11h am - Auditorium, Possibility to book a brunch after the concert
  • Concerto contre piano et orchestre - Orchestra "La sourde" - 14/03/23 à 8h pm - Auditorium
  • Optraken - Galactik Ensemble Circus - 16/03/23, 8h pm - Georges Lavaudant Hall
  • Imperfecto - Flamenco and urban dances - 29/03/23, 8h pm - Georges Lavaudant Hall
Offer between April and June (available from 15/03/2023)
  • La Belle au bois dormant - Lyon Opera Ballet - 6/04/23, 8h pm - Georges Lavaudant Hall
  • La Rose des vents - Music and cooking including the meal (bouillabaisse) -  26/04/23, 8h pm - René Rizzardo Hall
  • Lovetrain2020 - Dance and music from Tears for Fears - 12/05/23, 8h pm - Georges Lavaudant Hall
  • Ma P'tite chanson - Sunday concert: Orchestra of the "Pays de Savoie", singing, ukulele and accordion - 14/05/23, 11h am - Auditorium, Possibility to book a brunch after the concert
  • La Douleur - Theater: M.Duras, P.Chéreau, D. Blanc - 8/06/23, 8h pm - Georges Lavaudant Hall (francophone uniquement)

I make my wishes on the February/March shows

As the number of places is limited, places will be allocated in order of registration.
After receiving a confirmation by email, the places will be collected at the Maison du doctorat on presentation of your student card.
Details will be given at the time of confirmation.

Sélectionner le spectacle pour lequel vous souhaitez bénéficier d'une place

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Updated on  January 12, 2023