Apply and register in Doctoral School

Before applying for a PhD

To register for a PhD, you must meet the general conditions for registration in thesis defined by the  decree of May 25, 2016 setting the national framework of training and the procedures leading to the issuance of the national PhD diploma namely:

  • to hold a French diploma conferring the degree of master at the end of a training programme establishing the aptitude for research;
  • to hold a foreign diploma of equivalent level (obtained at the end of a training programme establishing the aptitude for research). In this case, you should request an exemption from the Master's degree when you apply;
  • benefit from the validation of prior learning as provided for by the Education Code.
  • be accepted by a thesis director and a host laboratory to carry out the research work.

To apply, you must first have a thesis subject and there are two ways to proceed:

  • Choose a subject among the current proposals, and apply according to the procedures indicated.
  • Consult the websites of the Doctoral Schools and laboratories in your speciality to find out about the subjects and funding available. Application procedures may vary from one Doctoral School to another;
  • Propose a thesis subject to a laboratory or a Doctoral School (mainly in the arts, languages, humanities and social sciences). The thesis topic will then be developed with the future thesis director.
  • Find funding, the terms of which vary from one Ecole doctorale to another.

Where to Find Thesis Subjects (non-exhaustive list) and Funding?


If your application has been accepted by a Doctoral School your registration is done in 2 steps:
Updated on  September 9, 2021