Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find finance my studies?

Doctoral Schools offer doctoral contracts. Visit the relevant school website in order to prepare your application. You can also consult the different PhD subjects proposed, some of which are financed by research contracts or specific grants.

Financing your doctoral training

Who can supervise a PhD?

Every teacher-researcher or researcher from Université Grenoble Alpes, linked to one of its laboratories and accredited to supervise research (HDR) or with a special permission granted by the Université Grenoble Alpes Council.

Is joint management possible?

Yes. In this case, only one HDR supervisor attached to Univesité Grenoble Alpes is required. The second supervisor can be non-accredited and be attached to another university. This is a frequent situation in the case of CIFRE PhD, with a joint supervisor coming from Industry, or when the dissertation covers two disciplines.

Can I change my PhD supervisor?

All requests concerning change in PhD supervisor must be made in writing and include the consent of the doctoral student, the previous supervisor and the new one.
Naturally, the doctoral dissertation supervisor cannot be changed a few months before the viva! If required, this change must be made during the first half of the doctoral studies (the first 18 months).

Can I change the title of my PhD dissertation?

The dissertation title and the dissertation subject/project are different notions, although at first they may appear similar. In some cases, final and initial titles can be different. Rules exist, laid down by the doctoral schools.

Published on  January 22, 2021
Updated on April 6, 2021