Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Find out more about our programs and partners.
Setting up a company, a start-up, an association, a cooperative, or a social enterprise means being an entrepreneur.

Approximately 4% of PhD graduates who responded to our career follow-up surveys indicate that they have set up their own business. Would you also be interested in trying your hand at entrepreneurship?

The UGA Doctoral College offers:

  • The "Doctoriales", a week-long seminar in March, during which you will be invited to explore your innovative and creative potential
  • The course entitled "The A to Z of entrepreneurship" | 18h - 2 sessions - Dominique Perrodin, enabling you to understand the nuts and bolts of creating a company, business or association.
Schemes run by our partners
  • The Entrepreneurship Day, during which you can discover the services of partners who are experts in supporting entrepreneurial projects
  • The student-entrepreneur status offered by Pépite oZer
  • Support from SATT Linksium
Dedicated services available through the PhD Alumni network
A mentoring program, enabling you to benefit from advice from people experienced in entrepreneurship

If you have an idea, a request or a project, please contact us!

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Updated on  October 19, 2022