Professional Insertion Training Courses

During the 120 hours of mandatory PhD training, a minimum of 40 hours (unless an exception is made, see the schedule of training courses validated by the Doctoral College) must be devoted to professional integration. Skills assessments, preparation for recruitment interviews, introduction to entrepreneurship, development of innovation projects, etc., the training courses offered are adapted to PhD students in all disciplines, in particular :


Doctoriales® rbrings together doctoral students from the Université de Grenoble each year for a one-week residential seminar during which they have to work concretely in teams on an innovation project. It is an ideal opportunity for them to meet professionals and practice job interviews.

All about Entrepreneurship

Organised by the Grenoble Student Entrepreneurship Centre, the training module "All about Entrepreneurship" (24 hours) presents the basis of business creation. It takes the form of simulating the entire business creation process, from the project idea to the economics and finance issues including the legal aspects and notions of industrial and intellectual properties.

Job search techniques

Or how to successfully integrate into a public or private company.
The objective of this training course (21 hours) is to enable all PhD students to master the tools necessary to find their future job, by providing them with the knowledge of essential techniques and a better use of their interpersonal skills. 10 sessions are offered during the academic year, 5 in French (Mobilisation vers l'emploi) and 5 in English (Job-Hunting Strategies).

Employment Visa

Professional coaching: support in the pursuit of the career of PhD students and young doctors (PhD students up to 6 months before the end of the thesis and up to 6 months after graduation).
Published on  January 27, 2021
Updated on January 27, 2021