ICAE Label: Innovation, Consulting, Activity and Corporate Creation

You are tempted to create your own business sooner or later. Or you would like to become an expert in a consultancy firm, a large organization or as an independant. Or yet the world of non profit organizations is the place where you want to use your creativity. These ideas appeal to you but you are not sure that it is really what you want to do and you look for an opportunity to explore them.
If you identify yourself in any of these words, the ICAE Label was made for you and its team of enthusiastic teachers and coaches will be happy to welcome you there for a journey of creativity.
Approximately 40 hours of classes will provide you with a good initiation to the world where you want your project to grow. How to sell, find partners, choose your business model, go from a concept to a product or a service, define a budget, act as a consultant? You will discover all this and many other things necessary for the creation of any type of activity.
This initiation would be useless without being faced to reality through the development of a project during 5 to 6 months. Regular coaching will take you from a first idea, precise or vague, to the definition of a real project that can be presented to future partners or clients.
The skills and personality traits you will have worked on during these few months will be useful in your professional life, whether you decide to work in a company (all the doctors will at some point take technical or managerial responsabilities) or if you stay in the public research domain (to find partners, build budgets or convince people to start new projets).

Label ICAE in charge: Patrick Malaureille

Testimony of a PhD student having followed the label​​​​​​​
Updated on  January 27, 2021