The Label Training Programmes

Labels bring together all possible experiences offered by Université Grenoble Alpes concerning professional insertion doctoral training: doctoral students training in teaching and research.
Their specific advantage is to target five clearly determined employment sectors:  
The labels are administered by the PhD Department for Training. It's responsible for:
  • the organization of recruitment in the 3 labels (including REI label proposed in Englsh),
  • the management of all cross-functional and professional integration training,
  • the management of PhD students registered in label (validation of training, experiments...).
During the 1st year of thesis, PhD students are invited to attend an information morning (Monday, March 9, 2020).
PhD students wishing to follow a label submit a file which is examined by a commission. PhD students accepted in a label follow specific training courses for one or two years (depending on the label). The training plan and the experiments are different for each label.
How to apply for a label

This recruitment procedure is the same whatever the label chosen.
PhD students who have attended the labels’ common core may apply for the label of their choice at the end of the 1st year of their doctoral studies. If they are admitted, they commit to following the scheduled training plan and to participating in experiments.
For those interested in the RES-enseignement-DCE label, PhD students in the very early stage of their dissertation are invited to apply directly in their personal homepage. Their application will be carefully considered during the recruitment commissions taking place in September.

Label applications must be made in the PhD student’s personal homepage (Procedures section) and be accompanied by a resume and a cover letter.


  • Applications open: June 2, 2020
    Closing date for applications: September 14, 2020
Published on  January 27, 2021
Updated on June 29, 2021