The University Health Center of UGA


  • Meeting the health needs of the student population :
    • through access to care adapted to a "young adult" population;
    • through individual or collective care;
    • through prevention and the study of the health status of students;
  • Ensuring the occupational health of University staff :
    • occupational medicine ;
    • prevention and safety ;
    • personnel social services.

To carry out these missions, specific actions for students and university staff are regularly organized by the Health Center.

Projects are also carried out by the Health Center, including the recent implementation of an observatory on physical activities, weight, consumption of psychoactive products and the state of mental health of students, as well as the improvement of the reception of foreign students through the production of a bilingual document.
Key Figures
  • 46 staff and stakeholders
  • 2nd planning center in Isère in terms of attendance
  • 300 hours of consultations per week
  • 36,800 actions carried out each year in favor of students
  • 9,693 different students received in 2012/2013
  • 34.7% of acts concern foreign students (including EU)
Published on  January 28, 2021
Updated on January 28, 2021