2022 special Innovation Thesis Prize: Théo MARCHAL

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Théo MARCHAL received the 2022 special innovation Thesis Prize for her research work among PhDs graduating in 2021.

Thesis Title: Listening the architecture. Digital tools and ambient design, the way of sound.

Théo MARCHAL - Prix de thèse spécial innovation 2022This PhD project is part of a general investigation about sensible phenomena and environment in which we will be focused specifically on the question of sound space as one of the parameters associated with known principles regarding climatic environment and quality of life. The goal is to understand and consider the emergence of digital design and evaluation tools in the environment of space designers as a potential element to redefine architectural design thinking and reflections on the quality of the atmosphere within the lived spaces, and the resulting 'well-being'.
For this purpose we will examine the role of digital design tools of sound spaces by proposing the development of a tool for sketching the sound environment and associated experiments.

This doctoral work proposes to browse the elaboration process - from conception to evaluation - of the architectural project through the tool.

Key Words: Ambiances, Sound space,Architectual acoustic, Digital tools, Design support, Sensitive experience

Doctoral School: ED SHPT – Sciences de l’Homme, du politique et du Territoire
Research Laboratory:  Ambiances Architectures Urbanités (AAU – CRESSON, CNRS/UGA/ ENSAN & ENSAG-UGA/École Centrale de Nantes)
Thesis Supervision: Grégoire CHELKOFF

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Updated on  June 15, 2022