The Maison du doctorat expands with a coworking space of 12 individual offices

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Espace doctorants de la Maison du Doctorat Jean Kuntzmann
PhD Students can now reserve one of 12 offices for 2 hours, 4 hours or the day in the "PhD Students Area", a coworking space in the Maison du doctorat Jean Kuntzmann on the Saint-Martin-d'Hères campus.
Although this offer, conceived in collaboration with the elected PhD Students, has been available for some time at the Maison du doctorat, COVID-19 has delayed its effective launch. It is now a reality, especially with the implementation of a simple and intuitive booking solution.

This PhD Student Area has been designed to satisfy certain needs:

« I have an appointment with a department of the College and/or the Doctoral Schools, rather than spending time in transport, I take the opportunity to work for a few hours in the PhD Students Space. »
« I am in the middle of writing a paper or my thesis and I need some peace and quiet, I think PhD Students Space. »

The Doctoral College will be pleased to welcome you during the opening hours of the building.

How to reserve an office

Some of you may be familiar with the "Affluences" booking system already used by the University Libraries and accessible via the website or their application.
This reservation is made in 3 clicks with your institutional email address Click on "Réserver" | Choose Cowoking | Select day, time and duration, then book

The Maison du doctorat Jean Kuntzmann (PhD House)

The PhD House is a place for cross-disciplinary encounters, meetings, exchanges and work that brings together the entire range of services offered by the Doctoral College.
The Maison du doctorat brings together the College, the doctoral schools, and all associated administrative services in a single building and provides users with facilities for organizing events, videoconferences and thesis defenses. Finally, a space for PhD Students provides access to working and social areas.
Published on  October 21, 2021
Updated on October 21, 2021