PhD student mission

A flexible and appealing scheme: a PhD student to help your development!
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Do you wish to carry out an activity on top of your thesis and outside your teaching mission? You can do it!

The PhD trains you in research and also, through research, and is organized in close collaboration with laboratories or research teams. In addition to research activities and in order to prepare for his or her career, the PhD student may carry out a mission outside the laboratory.

What type of missions?

  • Expertise mission: experimentation, consulting, legal analysis, market or feasibility study, project support
  • Promotion mission: promotion of the technology, prospecting, patent study, search for applications for a specific technology, technology monitoring, surveys, bibliographic research
  • Mission to spread scientific and technical information: drafting of technical reports and documentation, scientific journalism, setting up and running educational workshops
  • Teaching mission including in the field of continuing education.

Are you a business, an association, a local authority or a laboratory?

Benefit from the skills of a young researcher on a short mission through a flexible system that adapts to your business needs and is reasonably priced
Access the resources of a research laboratory

How do I proceed?
1. Define a mission project
2. Define the objectives and expected skills
3. Evaluate the number of days needed to accomplish the mission (32 consecutive days or not)
4. Contact us @ |

Are you a PhD student?

Promote your career in the sector you are interested in
Benefit from an experience allowing you to adapt your career plan
Develop your operational skills
Foster a network dynamic

How do I proceed?
Contact us @ |
Updated on  February 7, 2024