REI Label: Training plan

The REI Label training courses enable PhD students who are enrolled in the label to get to know companies in their environment better; to acquire knowledge and skills which will be useful for their professional integration and which they would not have acquired in their previous course of study; to be supported in the construction of their professional project, to be able to self-evaluate the skills they acquire, to value them and to develop them.
The "Research, Enterprise, Innovation" Label course is labeled "Skills for Business" by the CDEFI (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools).
The training program is built and completed during the course of the thesis, taking into account the PhD student's professional project and the missions that may be entrusted to him/her within the framework of the label.

Currently are offered a la carte among the training courses of the Doctoral College of the Université Grenoble Alpes:
  • Awareness of industrial property (10h)
  • Time management and work organization (21h)
  • Entrepreneurship from A to Z (22h)
  • Oral expression and public speaking, interpersonal communication (12h)
  • Public speaking practice (21h)
  • Developing a leadership posture (14h)
  • What manager means (15h)
Updated on  January 27, 2021